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Carbon compensation

Carbon compensation with the normandy CPN clubs

Calculation over two days

Air Normand decided to calculate the carbon balance for the two-day event held in Rouen to receive the association’s homologous groups from the different French Regions during the General Assembly of their Atmo France Federation.

Impact of the chosen travel mode

The result of the calculation was 22 CO2 equivalent tons, which takes into account the mode of travel used by the participants as well as energy consumption related to meals, hospitality and use of meeting rooms (lighting, heating, etc.) Despite the choice of hotels and restaurants in close proximity to encourage walking, the travel factor for each participant’s trip to Rouen is what weighed heaviest in the carbon balance. A cumulative mileage of 163,754 kilometres (round trip) was covered by the approximately sixty participants. Whereas air travel could not be avoided for some – for example those coming from the Overseas Territories –, a simulation shows that 5 tons CO2 equivalent were avoided by those who chose train travel.

Connaître et Protéger la Nature (CPN – Know and Protect Nature)

Following the “polluter pays” principle, compensation was considered appropriate by the members of Air Normand. Commonly set at 20 euros per CO2 equivalent ton, that corresponds in this case to a payment of 440 euros. Air Normand chose as beneficiary of this payment the Norman network of CPN (Connaître et Protéger la Nature – Know and Protect Nature) clubs, who are engaged in environmental education and are already participating in planting trees and hedges.