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Carbon footprint

The Carbon footprint®,

 a method developed for the Ademe, is used to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) linked to use of energy (heating, electricity supplies for the measurement stations, etc.) and fuels (staff travel, etc.), together with waste management and depreciation of the equipment. The evaluation takes into account the direct or induced emissions, wherever possible, stemming from all the activities carried out by a given company.

The Carbon footprint® is based on a “product” type approach,

from the design phase to the end of its service life. Thus, for example, the GGE linked to consumption of a litre of fuel take into account the energy necessary to produce and transport that litre of fuel. However, the current state of knowledge does not always enable us to work back upstream from all the suppliers (what about transport of paper or the subsequent use of waste?). The results are not comparable with those of a list of emissions involving a “source” oriented approach: the emissions are calculated where they occur

Air Normand calculates its Carbon footprint®

to find out the direct and indirect emissions in the atmosphere stemming from all its activities, and attempt to reduce their impact. Staff travel remains the main factor in greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2010, special care was taken to reduce electricity consumption

by replacing the data acquisition system and the classic STN telephone lines by ADSL lines for the fixed Air Normand stations, which should thus consume less while being more efficient (about 230 kWh per year instead of 560 kWh). Overall, the 2011 Carbon footprint® for this item will thus be cut by over a half.

Bilan Carbone année 2010

Bilan Carbone année 2010

We plan to update the footprint every year to monitor the efforts made to reduce emissions concerning various items.