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The importance of air quality questions in the region led to creation of pollution measurement networks in 1973-1974 around the Seine estuary and in Rouen. They were known as ALPA and REMAPPA, and at the time, they were among the first such networks set up in France. ALPA and REMAPPA were brought together in December 2005 in a single association, Air Normand.
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Under its articles of association, Air Normand sets out to participate in public policies concerning air quality.
Its object is to:

  • participate in application of the information and warning procedures under delegation from the Prefect Manage and ensure correct operation of an air quality monitoring system in Haute Normandie and in the cantons of Honfleur and Trouville sur Mer ;
  • participate in application of the information and warning procedures under delegation from the Prefect ;
  • provide a support for implementation of all actions aimed at studying, measuring or reducing atmospheric pollution and nuisance levels and their effects on health and the environment;
  • inform the general public and enhance its awareness of air quality problems.

The team

To execute these missions, the association is made up of 23 persons, as at 1 January 2011, covering 5 fields of activity (administrative and financial, quality and safety, studies, communication, and technical and information technology).

Normand Noses

Logo Les Nez Normands
Moving beyond the regulatory aspects, and spurred on by regular requests from the local population, Air Normand has developed an odour monitoring system: it gathers and records statements, makes field trips with an odours technician, and operates a Nose network with the help of volunteers among the local population who have undergone training in recognition of odours. Thanks to the records drawn up by the Nose network, and also to the work carried out by experts on the emitting sites, there has been a considerable increase in shared knowledge and dialogue since 1998, the year in which the first Normand Nose group was set up on an operational basis.

Indoor Air

Amongst other specific aspects, we can also mention Air Normand's involvement in enhancing knowledge concerning indoor air quality and in particular the air quality in areas open to the public. Air Normand's participation in projects such as the pilot campaign in crèches and schools initiated by the Ministry for Ecology or development of measurements in the Rouen metro and railway station come within this field.


Air Normand seeks to further enhance awareness concerning changes in behaviour habits, by promoting exemplary procedures and setting an example by applying them to itself. Eco-responsibility, annual calculations of Carbon footprints®, an Inter-Company Travel Plan, and a carbon compensation system, together with many other schemes, have been implemented with the staff concerned.